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5 Tips for returning to work after maternity leave

Be kind to yourself

You have grown and nurtured a tiny human being- you are bound to feel frazzled and that is ok! Try to focus on the ‘me’ time aspect rather than the ‘mum guilt’.

You have survived an entire year of sleep deprivation, you’re a hero, you can do anything. Plus, you’ve probably realised by now, everything is a phase and whatever you’re experiencing whether it’s teething or sickness, it’s temporary and this will pass - you have got this!

Work / life balance

YES- you heard it right! You absolutely can have a good work/life balance!

Be sure to speak to your HR department about flexible working opportunities or visit forfurther advice.


It is surprising how quickly your parental leave can go! And it is the last thing you want to think about whilst you are cooing over babies first words! But who will you entrust to look after your bundle of joy?

Firstly, you will need to consider cost. What type of childcare can you afford?

Can you ask friends/family to help for some of the days? Or ask your mum friends for recommendations - this will save you lots of time overall! A highly recommended childcare provider is pure GOLD!

It is better to start thinking about this sooner rather than later. There is no harm in making enquiries to make sure you find the right fit for your child but also it is a practical choice for you and your family. Some nurseries or childminders do get booked up so it is always best to get it sorted and have one less thing to worry about.

Plus, you will want your child to be happy and settled before you do return to work, so sorting this in advanced gives you time to test and trial to make sure you’ve made the right choice.

Planning ahead

Whether you are returning to your previous job or starting a whole brand new shiny career, make sure you have worked out your timings! Allow yourself enough time to drop your child at nursery, Grandmas or whoever is lucky enough to have them and get yourself to work in enough time so you can have that much needed coffee before you start!

Its all in the preparation! Which by now you will of course be an absolute pro (another great skill to add to the CV!)

Plan your outfit the night before, make sure the change bag is prepared and even having cups and bowls out for the morning will help to make the mornings that little bit smoother.

A thing that really helps is making sure the dishwasher is emptied the night before! That saves a lot of time and makes the kitchen clean and clear before you walk out the door. This helps so when you return home you haven’t got stacks of dirty plates which is really demoralising!

Get your glam on!

This is your time to shine! You deserve to feel fabulous after spending quite some

time in your regular mum clothes and lets face it, that’s either joggers or activewear.

Wear your favourite outfit it will no doubt boost your confidence and keep any nerves at bay on that first day!

There is no point saving things for ‘best’. Everyday is special so make sure you always treat yourself and wear things that boost your confidence, you deserve it! Whether that’s a special top you’ve been saving for a special occasion or that perfume you’re never wanting to waste as its too expensive , make sure you treat yourself and show yourself ‘you’re worth it!’

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